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Cure for a Teenage Daughter - Part 2

July 7, 2018

In a recent blog post I wrote about how a tankless water heater eliminates the ability of my daughter to drain a 40 gallon water heater during a 53 minute shower.  I then followed up with my last post about my Pint Sized Work Horse - the story of my whole house dehumidifier.  Today I bring them together in a new post about another little gizmo that "fixes" teenage habits.

If you have a teenage daughter (or any kid who doesn't understand the phrase "turn on the exhaust fan when you shower") you can relate to the long shower thing.  I remind my daughter to run the exhaust fan when she is in there so that sticky humid air will be pulled out of our new house.  But, being a kid, what do you think the odds of her actually running that fan are?  You guessed it.  So I asked my Broan rep what they had that could tackle my unique situation.  Enter the Broan AE110S exhaust fan.


OK, I know......  You're saying, "How can Dave make a story about exhaust fans worth reading?"  Really!  This is good.  What I am about to discuss can be used in new construction as well as remodeling.  With just one finger you have the ability to manage your indoor air quality by simply flipping a switch (once).


The Broan AE110S will suck out up to 110 cubic feet of air per minute.  Hey, many fans can do that.  What makes this fan unique is it's ability to sense (the "S" in the model number) humidity in the air.  Once the fan is installed you can leave the switch in the "on" position and it does the rest.


The fan comes out of the box ready to install.  It has two small dials that can be adjusted so the whole flipping of the switch thing could become obsolete.  With the switch left in the on position the fan will automatically turn on when it's built in sensor detects humidity above the preset level.  The second dial can be adjusted so the fan will turn off after the number of minutes you program in. 

Did I mention this fan is so quiet you can barely hear it running?  At 1 Sone, the old reason for not running a fan because it was too noisy doesn't hold water anymore. 


It turns itself on and off.  It's really quiet.  It pushes alot of air plus it's energy efficient.  It's a good fan.  Upgrade to this model and your daughter will never know she's actually doing what her parents ask of her.  Wow!  Broan makes miracles happen.  I wonder if they can do something about her school grades.





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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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