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Plumbing Saves a Marriage

April 2, 2018

Plumbing in new home construction hardly sounds like a topic that might interest the average reader.  How exciting can it be to talk about how we bring water in to a house and how it leaves?  However, if you make it through this quick post I think you'll like the story.


Many different pipe materials have been used over the years to distribute water within a home.  Galvanized pipe, copper, CPVC, and now PEX.  (PEX is the blue and red water lines in the pictures below).  I chose to have Cross-Linked Polyethylene, PEX for short, installed in my house for the hot and cold water lines.  The old house had some of this material installed late in its life when some of the old galvanized water lines started springing leaks.  PEX does not react to some of the stuff that is present in water.  It won't corrode over time.  When the weather gets cold PEX has the ability to expand if the lines freeze and the pipe goes back to its normal size when it thaws thus eliminating broken pipes due to freezing temperatures.  It's also very easy to work with.

That's really it about PEX.  So, you might be wondering how this stuff can save a marriage.  You see, on the night of the flood I lost my wedding band.  It was on my night stand in my room.  When we moved stuff that night my night stand was not on my radar.  When we got back you can imagine the mess.  My ring was gone.  It was very hard to tell my wife that my ring was another casualty of Harvey.  I vowed to go buy a new one but she was insistent that we do not buy any jewelry until we get the house built and paid for.  


I knew she hurt inside.  One day after we had torn down the house I was working at the site.  I looked down into the mud and saw this small round thing.  I dug it out of the muck and cleaned it up.  It was a copper ring left over from the old PEX lines in the house.  I placed it on my ring finger and it fit.  I went to the rent house and showed the wife and I said, "Look!  We're married again."  She actually liked it because it had a very unique look.


Yes, copper could turn my finger green.  However, my teenage daughter had a solution.  She took the ring and applied a couple of coats of clear nail polish to my new wedding band.  Numerous people have noticed it and asked about my unusual wedding ring.  This small little piece of copper in the picture below has brought a little joy to our family because it is a symbol of our adventure from flood to rebuilding.  I have worn it each day as I work to rebuild our house and our lives.

Next post we will go up in the attic and look at another cool machine.  See you then. 





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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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